Review by Colin Taylor on iGenius

After my accident in 2019, and the beginning of the Covid-19 Lockdowns, it was evident I needed to make an immediate change.

I've been with iGenius for 5 months now and it still baffles me on how much I've changed. From, learning and embracing new concepts, changing my mindset and continually striving for more, with the new realization and determination that all is within reach and the world is my oyster.

Regardless of an individual's educational background, the tools and services available can change anyone's life and is conveyed in such a way that anyone can understand.

The knowledge I've obtained from the professionals and mentors on hand have enabled me to pass it on to then change someone else's life in return.

I recommend that everyone get involved with iGenius. The world is changing and we all need to change with the times.

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