Review by Crystal Blackmon on Vasayo

Terrible experience with Ricky Untermeyer. I do not recommend this company if you are looking to make more income. Once I decided Vasayo was not for me…Ricky told me he would get the autodrafts stopped from my account. He said he would make sure of it. He never did and began ignoring my texts. Once finally speaking with him he was terribly rude and told me to contact Vasayo that he's no quitter and he normally doesn't help quitters. All this after giving his word he would help the drafts stop. They will appear to be the sweetest Godly people until you are no benefit to them and then they turn on you. Completely arrogant egotistical people. It is a pyramid scheme and the jokes on you…this company is thriving off of people like you who are residual income for them through your monthly payment they refuse to stop withdrawing from your account eventhough they said they would take care of it and you didn't have to worry about anything. Also, when you reads complaints online they will play like it is a competitor trying to make them look bad. I am not a competitor.

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