Review by Danielle Ashdown on NAVAN Global

I was burnt out & done with NM. I hear, ”DONT reinvent the wheel just do what has always been done.” But I hated it ! Cold messaging, add everyone, build relationships, parties…so on. I hated it. Everyone knew me for the company and not me. When I closed the door to NM, with in 12 hours I saw something about Navan. I didn’t even read the post & scrolled into. Kept seeing things shared about others being encouraged to be themselves. To be honest, I lost sight of who I was. No one reached out to me about Navan. A few days went by & I started researching. I was blown away by the system they have in place & the push to encourage others to be themselves! The honesty, integrity, honor, respect that they have for people….I fell in love! Though the compensation plan is EXTRAVAGANT and it’s FOR the people and I am BLOWN away by it and I have yet to see one like this & the products are top notch …finding myself again with passions stirring in my heart and joy…… It’s beautiful. THANK YOU NAVAN!!

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