Review by Derrick Johnson on Seacret Direct

Seacret Direct / Club Seacret is the Ultimate Offering! An awesome concept based off Legacy, Ownership & Community! And the products… WOW! they have the Louie & Gucci of Personal Care & Nutrition products without the high price tag but instead affordable, CLEAN & they all WORK!!! I suggest the Core 5 on a nutrition daily basis, that’s the Protein Shake, Greens, Booster, Recovery & ImmunX. I’ve experienced a Seacret Escape to Greece & a Seacret Getaway to Puerto Morales, Mexico and for the price paid to the experience to the quality… I was VERY IMPRESSED!! They way I see it… witnessing Club Seacret in it’s early stages is us seeing the Future of Lifestyle EARLY.

In my opinion, Seacret has by far one of the best comp plans in regards to front end & back end earnings!

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