Review by Dick on Tobias Vermund

I've been with BE since the summer 2021, and since day 1 Tobias has always poured his heart, hard work and willingness into the business every single day, even on trips and vacations. He's the type of guy who dedicates time & money towards helping his team achieve ranks and focusing solely on helping the community, on his birthday. Nothing stops this guy. Pay attention, he will be known in this industry worldwide. It also helps that we're in BE so no other company can even compare with what we have. BE #1 nwm-company to ever exist inbound!

What he has accomplished in this short time, the community he has helped create, the lives he has changed. While being so genuine and actually studying the profession so he fully understands what it means to be a LEADER, not just a nwm-distributor. The amount of self improvement & development you have done is rarely seen in this industry. Looking forward to see us create what Dexter Yager once cretaed. #1M

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