Review by Doesn’t matter on WorldVentures

The company was amazing. It totally changed my life on every aspect but in 2019 as soon as a team member hit MD rank, earning 4000$ a month, the company stopped paying him any cash.
The support was keep telling him "you'll get paid the next month" for 6 months and nothing.
The leaders from Greece started telling lies only to keep him and his network active. Some top earners started quitting because they also have been lied.
They have lied even the leader, Johnny Wimbrey, who has brought them 1 billion $ in revenue (out of 3 billions in total of the company). It has been sued several times but nowhere you'll read such things.

Don't trust me? Check Johnny Wimbrey's facebook post from November 2019.

It wasn't a scam years ago but the company has fallen in debts and probably has became one.
I can't say if it's a sinking ship but I hear and watch leaders jump off, so do I.

It changed my life and I'll always be grateful to WorldVentures! But I moved forward.

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