Review by Dorreth Brown on Kimberle London

As a new member on the DCX platform, I identified that Kim knows how to present, she is incredibly knowledgeable about Colors Trading Strategies. She interacts well with her students, teaches and interprets Colors with high % accuracies. She does not focus solely on "winning" trades, but encourages her students to learn to interpret the market for long term success. She is passionate about her work; she updates her students on relevant trading news, attends local and international seminars and connects her students with other Wealthier World (WW) educators to enhance learning. She reiterates proper risk management so that everyone will be happy.

Her work ethic is astounding ; she is always early to start her classes and at the beginning of each session she sends messages to join early. Kim is not afraid to lock the zoom door to encourage punctuality. She brings humor to the group and apart from earning while learning, it's an added bonus for me to learn. Thank you Kim and keep up the good work.

To the audience: Do you want to learn and earn? Why not join the (WW) to learn more?

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