Review by Edie Summers on MyDailyChoice

My Daily Choice is fair, holistic, and pays well! I was fortunate to follow a top earner into this company. He, and other top earners in the company, have supported me the entire way to continued success.
This company is different: they are founded by affiliates, so they created a fair company, that awards anyone anywhere in the organization. The products are fantastic as well! Wellness is very important to me, and My Daily Choice has some incredible products in top categories, like CBD and sprays. They have a free, sophisticated marketing system, with a free app and email system! If you are seeking success on all levels: wellness, finances, and freedom, this is the place to be. I pay attention to and follow the top earners in this company, who in turn, are helping everyone who reaches out do well. My Daily Choice rewards leaders for giving back and helping other affiliates succeed. It's win-win for everyone! One of the top earners in this industry says it best: "If there were a better opportunity, I'd be there. But, this is it. This is the place to be."

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