Review by Elena Fraga on Melius

Melius is a very solid opportunity. Solid services. Easy to sell too because its products and services are all online and apps with artificial intelligence, machine learning. Company and founders have been featured in Forbes magazine and also in Silicon review. Forbes magazine called Melius founders “leaders in Innovation”, for Melius’s innovation and inclusion.

Melius has a great forex academy with unique forex trading tools and services, a luxury app that everyone loves too and very useful apps for communication, transportation, banking and other daily activities ( yes it pays residual in the free apps too)

Melius’s best part of the compensation plan is the residual income. It is the simplest to understand and it doesn’t require so much structure to qualify like other plans do. In other words, It pays much more money than others With no red tape or locks.

I have been involved in other top companies as you know. Nothing compares to Melius. Thats why i am building a team, both in English and Spanish worldwide

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