Review by Elizabeth Hutton on Haider Mustafa

Stay away from this scam artist. His whole team are thieves and Bizztrade have stolen £/$millions from unsuspecting victims of their MLM fraud setup. They have no product. Just false promises and empty glitzy events which they try and attract uneducated or ignorant people who will fall for their lies. They have literally destroyed my life and so many others.

I hope the Bizztrade owners and their cronies all rot in hell! When will justice be served? I am waiting to see the day they all get locked up. Their next venture is NextGen which is another scam crypto coin and they are lying through their teeth promising the world but I guarantee you, they will deliver nothing but grief.

Haider Mustapha, Rizwan and Rehan Gohar, Shweta Bhusan, Ali Mavani, Paul and Emma Chalmers and many others with them all need to go to Jail for their crimes!

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