Review by HAJIRA Chapola on Sean Magwaza

I must admit that I decided to join him before even joined the business because I realised that he is the kind of force to recon with. He has been very consistent since day 1 and approaches a person with a very positive mindset. Gives and makes time to explain the business is full detail.

Very knowledgeable when it comes to explaining and he ensures that he listens to understand and not just to respond.. Very professional. And energetic.

A very humble leader who is also open minded. I realised that he aims to also ensure that success is spread out and not just benefit on his own. .

What made me trust him was because, not only does he trust his leaders but he fully trusts the founders and owners of the company.
Therefore I was reassured that my money will be safe aswell.

A personal thanks and shout out to him. And I hope that he keeps excelling because he is deserving.

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