Review by Hanumanth Kumbhar on QNet

This company is great not bcoz it’s only doing great . It’s bcoz of the way it’s taking challenges .
Also if it’s seeing someone doing the business in ethically it’s even terminating such people to maintain the standard .
I was hesitant in the beginning looking at the way people see this and I was very doubtful about my growth tomorrow, keeping all this in mind I had decided it’s not my cup of tea .
To the surprise the way the support system is designed in qnet same was followed in ocean ,
Also the way it has evolved keeping training’s and the systems at high priority. It definitely is a company to take it as a carrier.

The company gave me confidence to become a leader from a very normal shy guy . And I was thinking to survive but now bcoz of Qnet I started having huge dreams for my family and my surroundings.

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