Review by Heather Beal on Deralynn Ellis

This woman right here.. mere words cannot do her justice. Her unwavering belief in me before I could even believe in myself has got me through some hard times! She leads from her heart, and takes no praise! She has taken me under her wing and mentored me, believed in me, and lead me to the success I am in today… if you’re looking for a leader to partner with, that will go above and beyond and give you her whole heart. One that will believe in you so hard until you can believe in yourself, this woman right here is it. I’ve watched her struggle, Pouring everything she has into her business and team, and now I’m getting to watch her flourish. I’m getting to watch her reap the benefits of her work. And she gives all the praise back to her team!! This woman doesn’t know it, but she truly saved my life. When she found me, I was a broke and broken individual, with no purpose, no drive, and no desire to go on living. Now, I’m the light in other people’s darkness, just as she was for me.

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