Review by Heather Kreider on Plexus Worldwide

I joined Plexus two years ago see if I could improve my health. I was a huge skeptic, but had no idea what else to try. I put it off for two months because I was afraid it was a scam, but my husband finally told me to just try it. I did and haven’t looked back. I’ve seen my blood sugar levels become perfect, as well as several other blood work results that I’m not going mention because of FDA, but my favorite reason to stay on these products is going on right now-my pregnancy.
I have 6 children and we thought we were finished with our family. I’ve had pretty rough pregnancies and deliveries and was glad to be through that. God surprised us. The only symptom I had was being extra tired for a few weeks. No nausea at all. No cravings. I’m now 21 weeks with a healthy baby and have gained 4 pounds. I have no blood sugar issues, which was a problem before too. I feel terrific. This pregnancy has been so fun and I’m so thankful God allowed me to see what a good pregnancy can be like!

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