Review by Heidi Inman on QSciences

Q Max is AMAZING. We started this product in May. What a game changer for my overall mood and for my son who has ADD and anxiety tendencies. A vitamin I can actually FEEL the difference with when taking. 2 capsules twice a day, fully methylated so even those who have the MTHFR gene mutation can absorb the nutrients. Overall an amazing product. Definitely top notch quality at affordable pricing. Perfect for men and women. Improved sleep, energy, etc.
The company has top notch leaders, the mentorship is second to none, and the system is simple and proven to work. I have been with the company since the end of April and have ranked 4 times. The products and company speak for themselves with an emphasis on doing things the right way, with a focus on faith, family, fitness, friends and finances. They care just as much about your personal health, as they do about your financial health with emphasis on appropriately planning for the future.

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