Review by Holly Hachat on Elomir

This company has done their research! Backed by an amazing man Terry Lacore who has so much experience in this industry and wouldn’t back a company like Elomir if he thought it was not legit! Everything is legit! From the ingredients to the comp plan! The CEO is so transparent, she has not hidden a thing from her distributors and partners and has a belief in this product like all of us who have tried it do. I can’t stress how it has helped me with my focus, my mood, and so much more. I had a long road trip, talking 14 hrs plus on the road in 2 days and normally after a trip I’m exhausted, I don’t want unpack my suitcase for a week! When I got home from this trip I unpacked it all, did laundry, cleaned, cooked dinner and I would never do that in the past. I feel so good. The ingredients if you do your own research have amazing benefits and will help so many people.

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