Review by I didn’t believe this Thing 2 yrs ago! on Hyperfund (Pyramid Scheme)

I didn’t understand this thing 2 yrs ago, When I finally understood the system and the vision of the company, its massive its like new whole world. I am not paid or from company. I am an independent user. Got the chance to understand. Its gonna change the crypto world. Its simple idea is to create users of the new digital world like crypto, exchange, nft, real Estate in the virtual and digital world. But this hyperverse vision seems like its there for longterm! People said this is scam 2 yrs ago. Still here benefiting all. With the money you pay for membership some is used for referal means for marketing bonus most of them is used to make money from trading investment in blockchain exchange government projects. Overall company makes 2-5% a day and gives us back 0.5% a day in the form of rewards.

There is nothing to do with pyramid or ponzi.

Anyway this is how i came to know through my 2 yrs of watching on this business and joining 3-4 months back now.

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