Review by Igor E. Alberts on DagCoin – Success Factory

Crypto is for using, not trading There are more and more people who understand what’s really important: cryptocurrency should not be treated as a financial instrument and used for everyday trading. Cryptocurrency is meant to be used as money to buy goods and services, and make transactions. Every single country will be using cryptocurrency in the future. Already today more than 20 countries are positive about cryptocurrency and working on implementing it more and more. Dagcoin technology is suitable for worldwide use If the goal is to create a global currency, then the technology must be suitable. In 2018, Dagcoin invested a lot in the core technology. Currently, the technology behind Dagcoin allows to do over 100 000 transaction per second which is way more than other cryptocurrencies combined. This is possible thanks to the Dagchain which is a distributed ledger, like the Blockchain, but different. Dagchain and Blockchain are not competitors, they are just meant for different things. The Dagchain is like an elastic hose as when needed, it gets wider and wider. It is expandable to unlimited width. But the Blockchain is like a non-flexible pipe. It can only let through a certain amount of transactions and therefore

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