Review by Isola Dian Delves on Casmire Okafor

Rain International in its business concept, its products, its leadership and its structure is the best MLM operation I have ever witnessed and 2nd to none in its ability to transform lives. The evidence of equality is in the customer experience and in the compensation plan for both customers/affiliates and partners. There is nothing not to love about Rain International. The experience extends to its charity S4CF whereby a tree is planted in the name of the product purchaser and dividends paid out for those who are in need in the foundation, even though we do not know them. A company that promotes and fosters sharing, giving, and earning. Peoples quality of lives turned around 360 degrees, but most importantly the saving of lives documented by survivors own testimonials. Thank you Rain International I love how the products make us feel. My family and friends thank you for ensuring the gold standard of authentic nutrients are never compromised for the benefit of the human race. 💎🙏🏽🤗❤️

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