Review by Jan Derrick Fernando on iGenius

I started with iGenius just hoping to have an extra source of income on the side but I ended up having multiple sources. There are so many options out there and it is amazing for it to be available in just one platform. We are able to make a part-time, full-time, or even residual income depending on what every individual needs!

Aside from all the education that iGenius provides on all the financial markets, forex, stocks and cryptocurrency market, we also have a great community along with the mentors who help and support each other which makes learning and earning easier and more enjoyable. We do not only learn how make money together but we also personally develop ourselves, our mindsets, and new skillsets in general that we use to succeed in our daily lives.

It definitely is a life changing to be a part of a great company that changes lives and to be able to do it along with them. It is not all about the money, it is all about how you can use your money to live a better life and help others do the same.

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