Review by Jason Misener on John Hill

You heard it here first (unless you're John because I tell him this regularly): John Hill will be one of the largest pins in the MPGXtreme company. I GUARANTEE it. Why? The man puts in the work! I don't ever remember a day where he isn't working and looking the part of a true network marketing professional. He raises your own expectations just by being in the same room. Don't know what that means? Get in the same room with him. You'll get it. Sharp and polished. Puts in the effort not only to sponsor internationally, but walk the walk by flying to his teams to lead in person. Absolutely unselfish. India, Dubai, whatever. With 18 years experience as I type, he's still absorbing other leaders teaching while leading his team at a high level. He's not the guy that you have to worry about chasing the next shiny object that crosses his path. He is focused and driven to accomplish his goals and bring his team with him. This is the second time I've been able to work with John. Just as consistent now as he was then. This IS the guy you want to work with!!

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