Review by Jennifer Dunaway Brister on Truvy

Truvy has made an amazing difference in my life in more than one way!!! When I first found these products, I was a somewhat overweight, very tired mom of 5 and full-time school teacher. I was originally looking for something to help me lose the extra pounds & give me enough energy to get through my endless days. Well, Truvy definitely delivered that & sooo much more!!!
My & my husband’s weightloss started drawing attention & soon we found ourselves promoting the products, too; and I have to tell you….THAT has been an amazing blessing in our lives. Since then, I have been able to quit my full-time job to be home & help people reach their health & weight-loss goals, AND make sooo much more money than I was making previously…..and the beautiful thing is-I’m doing it from right here at home while spending valuable time w/my kids & now my grandbaby. This company’s products AND its people are truly amazing.

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