Review by John William on InCruises

Company was a great one. The had an awesome compensation plan and a product that offered great value to its members.The company recently implemented a so called upgrade called 2.0. This is no where close to an upgrade. it is in fact a downgrade. The compensation plan for affiliates was I guess somewhat of an upgrade however the products value with these new changes are of much less value or benefit to a member. What once was a great membership package with the opportunity to take a cruise zero money out of pocket or even for essentially FREE is now an out of pocket cost nightmare with no pathway to a FREE cruise. There is no incentive to become a member only with this company. What they have done is forced people to become partner/members if they want any chance for a no out of pocket FREE cruise. Incruises is a joke today and its ashame. They could have been a superpower in the industry and all they needed to do was add the resorts and hotel options and tweak what they had. InCruises is just another travel company ripping off its members so they can make their millions.

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