Review by Johnny Thomas on Nexus Rewards

This company is amazing with the thought process and careful observation. The founders has put their knowledge, expertise and experience that anyone can succeed. The Cashback App Movement is in its time and the opportunity is awesome. The majority of people are already purchasing and the most part are not saving consistently. I like the offer of a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is the first and only company that allows you to make money from free signups. The cost to start the business is low cost and no risk, what a deal. The Compensation plan is incredible from level one and increases from the next 9 levels. Here is my mindset with a minimum of 1000 Associates on my front line x $10 per subscriber, do the MATH. I have done my due diligence and I highly recommend for anyone who wants better to make a greater impact in the world. As a leader in my community, I can help who wants better for their life and 👪. This is very exciting with no selling and no recruiting people will see it. Imagine what your frontline with 1000 Associates looks like. The 1000 Associates I am putting together having the same.

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