Review by Katarzyna on Waldemar Warzecha Jolanta Sokołowska

Jolanda and Waldemar I know very long from other compsny abd they were the very first people I told about QuiAri and the opportunities.

They didn't have time at this moment and wanted to think for a while, but after a few months, Jolanda contacted me back to ask me for more information and asked me for materials.

I sent to her all the materials that I translated myself into Polish, then Jolanta blocked me after that and they registered somewhere else.

When I asked Waldemar why she did it? He say that they will not 'build my network'. Everybody knows that in MLM you need more than 1 person only to have success. But, … oke …

I am very happy with yours successes, but I do not understand such behavior.

Regards, Kasia

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