Review by Katy van wijk on Dirc Zahlmann


I have so much respect for this man.
Selling lipstick as just a little boy has stayed engraved in my mind.
Dirc adds lipstick to our company everyday .
In other words he brings color to our lives with his humor and loyalty, friendliness and “straight through sea “ behavior .
This man loves the company to remain clean honest above the table and transparent .
He started the #antiscam campaign and makes sure each and every individual gets personal help if and when they need it.
One can see he is a good family man and is the same with each individual in the company .
He somehow knows how to apply and acquire all the right tools , told us we would grow ten times bigger and we did.
Everything that comes out that mans mouth falls into place and is reality.
We are one of the biggest blockchain companies with the biggest circle of people /community , standing solid as one and growing our goals with visionaries towards bigger and better everyday.
This company is my last stop.

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