Review by Kayla Woods on Seth Remis

I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to work very closely with Seth in three companies in network marketing.

I learned so much from him in my first couple years that I’ve been able to personally sponsor hundreds of people, and help a lot of friends also become successful.

Seth actually reaches how to utilize social media with techniques that are current and work really well for everyone! No more posting all over FB and looking silly!

His weekly trainings for my team help all of us utilize strategies that flat out work!

Every FIVE FIGURE month I’ve had so far has been because I applied what he teaches, and we are enrolling new six figure and seven figure earners left and right!

Seth has always had an incredible work ethic and is there for all of his team! He does the best 3 way calls I’ve ever heard in my life!

Lastly he really gets how to build in 2022. The way he shows how to recruit new people makes even a new person feel confident, and also a six figure earner know to 10X their goals.

Cannot thank him enough!

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