Review by kim sehwan on Dongmin park

There are many outstanding leaders in the world. Each leader has his or her own ability.
Each person should find a leader who fits me well and do business together. That is a shortcut to success.
Leader Park Dong-min is smart and intelligent. He is also a passionate and capable leader who can fully support you.

If you want to succeed in crowd1, you should meet a leader like Park Dong-min.

It's great that people come to believe in their leader. But even more wonderful is when the leader believes in them.

The leadership position is not to show. It is a place where challenges and innovations can be created even at the risk. You should always look back on yourself.

If reality is the bottom, you can start from there. It is the leader who makes the worst the best. A crisis is an opportunity and an opportunity to overcome.

A leader is not a friendly person. My job is to push the great people with me so that they can go further.

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