Review by Kristina Cryptocurrency on OneCoin – OneLife

Thanks to dr Ruja Ignatova the founder and visionar behind One Coin leading concept I got the opportunity to enter the Cryptocurrency world back in 2015. At that time the word was not widespread like today. Even though I wrote myself about the Financial Crisis dr Ruja taught me the core fundamentals about how to bring cryptocurrency to be a respected and usable paymentsettlement. Today it has been three years since I entered the cryptoworld and I have studied lot of concepts but STILL is her revolutionary to the crypto industry whenn it comes to bring a cryptocurrency that is based on real underlying fundamental value. She was the first in the world that brought 1. Peer-to-peer educational guidance inorder through MLM industry. She understood really early that people need to be personal educated inorder to know how to understand and use cryptocurrency for there own benefits. 2. Dr Ruja is the first that uses fundamental monetar principles inorder to bring a STABLE and NOT FLUCTUATING Cryptocurrency. No merchants wants to accept a currency that fluctuate over 10 % per day. Unfortunately todays cryptocurrency none of tyem fullfill the requirements to be a stable currency.

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