Review by Lala polinesiana on iGenius

Three months ago I took a chance on obtaining financial literacy in hopes of gaining financial freedom with the services and resources provided by iGenius. However, what I gained, meant so much more. My return of investment was more than just financial literacy. It was capability, trust, focus, empowerment, confidence investment in my personal development and a community of loving people across the world.

The community within iGenius is unheard of. A group of people from all across the world with the same mindset, goals and determination to become successful. We are a diverse group of people who truly love and support one another through all aspects of life.

iGenius is a game changer when it comes to personal development and growth. Within the last three months my mindset has elevated to heights I could've never imagined. My perspective transcending any limitations. I have faith that I am more than capable to become successful if I stay focus and trust the process. Mentors and Leaders alike dedicate their time, effort and resources to ensure that we are confidently empowered to make a difference and change lives.

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