Review by Laura Murray on Life Is Good

Please be advised to read the following and remove Life Is Good llc from your web site.

Roman Vasilenko is wanted for fraud, but has flown to the UK. Many of the companies leaders have been arrested. He has 2 other schemes, Hermes, Best way PC, and IBA.

Quote: Life pyramid sites from goode do not work. They are completely inaccessible, since, apparently, the server is disconnected from the network. Some in the comments to the Vasilenko channel are surprised how all the servers disappeared at once, because the servers of the English company Hermes Finance should be abroad.

On the official YouTube channel Life is Good, a video appeared from the administrator of the channel, he is also an it specialist, who confirms that the depositors’ money has been withdrawn and they have already been bought, for example, shopping malls in London. (etc.)

Thank you,
Laura Murray

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