Review by Laura Timmons on Total Life Changes

Jack saved my life as well as others! 12/3 thru 12/9 of 2018 I was laying in the hospital bed fighting for my life. They refused to let me take my NRG, nutraburst, iaso tea in tha hospital. I had double pneumonia and both lungs were 3/4 filled with fluid, I had 104 almost 105 temp, my heart rate was well over 100. The nurses had the paddles out and asked if I wanted CPR or DNR. I said CPR God is not done with me yet. So after I got out of the hospital, I started taking my NRG, nutraburst, and iaso tea. I added in techie as well. They had scheduled an X day to see if the pneumonia has decreased. They didnt expect to see what they saw. They has to pick up their jaw from the floor! I kid you not! The doctor said how in the world in such a small time frame is this pneumonia gone with as bad as it was? I told the doctor, simple, God told me to keep taking my NRG, nutraburst, iaso tea and techie. My pneumonia is gone and there is no trace of it! TLC4E!

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