Review by Leanne Dewbury on TS-Life

Sucked in by false income claims online and fake upline reps! As soon as you buy in at the start you then are pressured to recruit, recruit and then recruit some more! Not for your benefit but to the benefit of the upline supervisors who basically make money out of you. I thought I was getting into starting my own business after reading and listening to the hype online, it got me super excited and motivated but once again this is just another MLM scam making false income claims and putting on a front to get money from innocent people. Don't believe anyone online claiming they are making 4-6 figures a month its total B*%L$%^T, they are lying and I have yet to see a legitimate income statement from any "leaders". My upline was really nice at the start but when I wanted out I was abused by her and others and sent nasty messages on social media. I lost some money because I felt pressured to meet targets so was having to pay out of my own pocket to hit unrealistic targets or I would lose my "bonus". AVOID TS Life and their fake reps!

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