Review by Lia Renee Pearson on Melaleuca

Melaleuca is the best company I have found when it comes to network marketing, and for a few solid reasons. First off, the products are very high quality, yet still very affordable. For a college student I was able to switch stores without an issue. The products are top of the line, natural, and I love using them. The business just makes sense. Everyone washes their hair and brushes their teeth and cleans their homes. Why not get paid for it? Why not get compensated for a simple referral? With our monthly reorder rate skyrocketing to over 96 percent company wide… that means one referral can pay you month after month after month. And that builds residual income! I have seen it in my own life happen! Take it from someone who failed in over 10 companies previous to finding this…. Melaleuca WORKS!!!!

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