Review by Lisa Farrow on Jifu

I have to say that the name JiFu a Chinese proverb Lots of Happiness and Very Rich… rich in love, life, family and course earning money…. since being in the company I have traveled more in the past 6-8 months than I have in years. The travel portal is awesome, having so much enrolling women who want to travel make money and LIVE THEIR Best LIFE…. I love coaching and mentoring and I love out compensation plan…. enrolling members is by far so much FUN…. no longer selling a bunch of products but rather giving people an experience …. this is the company for me and my family!!! TRAVEL IS MY NEW THERAPY …. The culture the variety of nationalities in our company and looking forward to our events to meet many more people.I have met the CEO and all the founders the investors and our customer service and social media staff …. we have become family !!!

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