Review by Lisa Reichel on Lyconet

There is nothing similar to Lyconet, we have the biggest market potential, such a unique opportunity with this Global Marketing Agency.

Even Eric Worre once said "Lyconet is gonna be the network of all networks"
(Lyconet Elite Seminar 2019, Gelsenkirchen Germany, more than 40.000 people)

The company is building up an ecosystem all around shopping. We become one platform for all purchases – online & offline, small & big companies, national & international, products & services.

Compare it to Google, it's all about information: Search, Maps, Translate, YouTube, Drive.
And we are all about shopping: Marketplace, travelWorld, Key Accounts, SMEs, White Labels, EliteClub, @media, …

We were forbidden to help build Google, Facebook, Apple …
They all built an ecosystem around there target group.

Now you have the possibility to help build exactly that, the infrastructure of an international corporation that is filling a market gap.
This is not like any other network marketing opportunity. In a few years this will be almost finished.
The only question is – how big is your market share – of earning with every daily purchase that is made all around the globe.

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