Review by Marcu G. – Silver LiveGood on Grigore Turcanu

I am glad that I have been friends with Grig for over ten years.
He was my sponsor on several occasions.
I can say that in all this he was with me and helped me.
I learned a lot about multi level marketing from him.
More than ever in LiveGood, he gets involved, along with other leaders, to make partners aware of the superior benefits of this business.
We have a tremendous opportunity with LiveGood, both the big change this company is making by offering distributors products at production prices and the unique matrix system in the multi-level marketing industry.
I wish this business a lot of success and we can't wait for the warehouses to open in Europe and Asia so that we can order the products, about which we have only heard words of praise, from the American LiveGood partners.
I have all the respect for this man.

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