Review by Marilyn Gail Alleyne on Carlos Cadiz

Mr. Cadiz is a good leader in that he pushes people to do their best. Bust due to his enthusiasm, he comes across as being a push over or harsh.

I know that we all are grown people, so there needs to be more of a-one-on-one approach instead of just putting it out there in a chat group.

I'm aware that time is of the essence as Mr. Cadiz is building his business and certain personal goals have to be met and he may not have the time to personally sit down with any individual in a class room setting, but I know that it would be appreciated at times. Yes, I know that he has a tutorial YouTube channel, but just that little umph would go a long way.

Mr. Cadiz has brought a fresh, new approach to his meetings and I've learnt a lot.

Thank you Mr. Cadiz. May God continue blessing you.

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