Review by Marsha Parham on WorldVentures

I have been with World Ventures for over seven years and I have reached Marketing Director. I have always loved this company and will continue to do so. The product Dreamtrips is wonderful and where can you travel and get paid? They have introduced some great new products too- they are coming!

Before WV, my husband and I were Emeralds in Amway – 21 years.

We don’t jump around from one company to another. . Not saying World Ventures or Amway was perfect, is the Corporation you work for perfect? My daily job is making us all take the week of Thanksgiving (2020) off with no pay and they are the largest Health Company in California!! All companies go through cycles. Do I quite my job because they aren’t going to pay me During Thanksgiving? Time to grow up. I love to travel and World Ventures delivers a great product. It’s been a difficult time- no question, but I’d rather travel and go on vacation than anything- end of story.

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