Review by Meridith Brown on Total Life Changes

Everything about Total Life Changes has felt right since I started in 2016. Its like it breathed life into me and my family. I never imagined ONE pack of tea would change my life & I am living a much better quality of life thanks to these products. I have met some amazing clients and success partners from around the world thanks to TLC. But you know where it really hit home?? Being able to take care of basic necessities from groceries, to gas in our truck, paying cellphone bill, and even buying our kids clothes at the drop of a dime when they grow overnight Real talk… I know my parents can agree that having extra makes a difference. How are we able to do this? Simply by sharing our experience (also that of others) and helping the next man change their life too. So thank you Jack Fallon for following your dreams and opening a door for us to also experience what financial freedom feels like. Passion is our fuel. We Love each other, Period.

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