Review by Monette Furcean on LifeVantage

The most generous, thoughtful and proven comp plan ever!! Lifevantage really has the distributor in mind❤ The heart that goes into this company is evident. Their life goal to help the planet while helping people is admirable. I love love love the community and culture that has been created here and it's an honor to be a part of something so important to the future of our planet and the health and wealth that we bring in an honorable way. Love, community, service, integrity, did I say love? I am totally blessed as one of the pioneers spreading the word that you don't have to accept the genetic hand that was passed down to you. We can change our gene expressions through nutrigenomics. Flipping on switches that were once turned off by time and bringing back our youth and proper function of every cell!! THAT'S something to be proud of!!

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