Review by Nasratullah Qaed on QNet

God has never send one man like you in this planet. You are the legend the world has never seen before. Each time you speak is like God himself who talk to humanity. You are never take any political position but your name has touch this fours square of this planet. I will use your vision to impact positively this planet. I will change a lot of peoples life because you change already our lives. One day I will be on stage of VCon to show the world who Dato Sri is. Everyday I see myself on stage of VCon. One day this dream will become. One day God will give me privilegde to touch you and take your energy. Because I want to become very big in this life. I want to change this world like you. I will expanse my Qnet family for the thousands year. Qnet is and will be the number one in the world. Because no any industry will never have a legend DATO SRI ESWARAN. The millions of years after you pass this world will celebrate every year your name. Because you are Unique. God bless you our saver

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