Review by Ndea Morgan on iGenius

For me, IGenius has been one of the best choices I have ever made.

I am a young college kid whose major is International Business, my freshman year I had a goal to be an foreign currency adviser and help people navigat through stocks but I didn't know how. Five years later, I came across IGenius thru Tik Tok following Afnan Khalifa and at first I was cautious but than once I looked at the website and saw all that had to offerred.

And for me that was a huge thing because in 2020, I was scammed by someone who was supposed to teach me about stocks. For $900, I learned nothing and I never made any money, but within the first week of being with Igenius, I learned about binary, forex, and crypto I have actual information so I can LEARN ABOUT STOCKS.

I am so grateful to be apart of this company and to be able to operate how I want. I am so hopefully for my future now and I can even connect with school, like it makes sense now and it never did before and that's because I get it. So thank you IGenius and everyone there. 🙂

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