Review by Peetikuia Bessie Wainui on Mereana Wilson

Māori business women are no longer shackled by traditional norms and boundaries, nor should they be. When a Māori business woman emerges from within a culturally influenced identity, her brand and approach are clear for all to see. What is clear and exciting for me – is that there is a growing number of Māori women (and tane) from all walks of life, ages and experiences who are stepping out into the Business For Home Programme ready to make a lasting imprint on the world, and they are taking their whānau with them on the journey. Kōka Mereana Wilson – you are such a person. Ka tika "Whāia e koe te iti kahurangi, I te tuōhu koe he maunga tēitēi. Follow the innermost desires of your heart, if ye should fail, let it be to the loftiest mountain". E te Kōka – you are the imprint and epitome of our whole whānau Validus Group. I am humbled and proud to be on this journey with you. God’s blessings abound us all. Amine.

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