Review by Rawinia Matete on Mereana Wilson

Mereana has been amazing support even though I am not part of her organisation. That sez alot about her as a person and a leader in this industry. During this time i have learnt a lot about how to grow my business, the supports available and all the little details that all add up to making that difference. How to stay on track, goals. What your plan should look like, how to, what to say, direction to, where to find and go over information available, that type of help has always come at a cost but Mereana has given of her time and knowledge to ensure that i stay on task and manage and promote the business correctly yet comfortably. But most of all… .Mereana being available and present at all times.
That kind of help in Priceless and I've said this everything, thank you Mereana I am and will always be humbly very grateful whanau for what you have done for me and the many others🙏
Stay blessed 😉

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