Review by Renee Parker on LifeVantage


A biotech company formulated the flagship product which proved in clinical research (now found on the National Institute of Health's website) to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 100% of users in an astounding 30 days. Today this product has seven patents.

ABC News backed up the results on its investigative show PrimeTime (2005) and the company saw $5 million in instant sales. However, with no marketing or distribution prowess on the part of the researchers, the product later simply sat on retail shelves.

In the background though, major research groups were astounded by the product and continued independent research. This research is also housed at the National Institute of Health.

In 2008, An attorney who had seen the ABC report suggested the formulators meet with a small group of professional network marketers. Conversations turned to handshakes and both sides agreed that a new company should be formed and publicly traded (LFVN) on the NASDAQ for complete transparency.

In 2009, excellence met opportunity and LifeVantage was born. I was introduced to the product line in 2013 for health reasons and later learned the compensation plan. Today I stand in the top 1% of LifeVantage income earners.

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