Review by Rosa James on Vida Divina

Vida Divina gives to you what ever you put in to Vida Divina just as any other company. The difference is the platform has been the most simple to follow. I love the products. My customers who consistently use the products love the products. The compensation plan is more rewarding to those who actually put in the work. Again what you put in you get back with a greater rate of return then other companies Investing the same time and putting in the sane work. The initial road was bumpy as a new company but our awesome CEO Armand Puyolt has continued to move hurdles out the way and we run smoother and smoother each day. Some were upset because to often people want microwave success and do not desire to mix the good and the bad to create a strong foundation. They want the elevator ride instead of climbing the stairs. Vida Divina has the boldness to place a different Bible Verse on each product and the majority of the people embrace the leaderships motto of Lead With Love.

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