Review by SANDRA EVANS on MyDailyChoice

Mydailychoice is the best company!!!!
Josh is an awesome leader! Best training you could ask for!!! Daily, monthly, weekly and yearly conventions with AWESOME speakers at their events! Everything is top notch!!!
And they really care about their affiliates success! And they believe in helping others succeed!!!
And I can't say enough about the products!!! Everything I try is better than the next. This week they will announce more products… Always coming up with new ways to help people!!!
Josh and Jenna are the backbones of the company and so admired by all of us affiliates.
I am proud to be part of such an awesome team!!!
They both deserve to be at the top of the leaderboard!!!
Go Mydailychoice!! Josh & Jenna are the best!!! They deserve to be at the TOP!!!

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