Review by Shaunia Makena on PhytoScience

As a Director of Operations, international clinical therapist and community service leader / volunteer doing research in Health & Inner Beauty and mission in life to help those in needs in mental health issues and wellness especially providing a better future for neurodivergent people therefore, I find all the products produced by Phyto Science have benefited many those suffering crisis in financial, depression, serious anxiety attack leading to stomach ulcer and learning difficulty especially for neurodivergent (special needs), cancer, insomia, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Less but not least my whole family including relatives, clients especially my only beloved daughter diagnosed co-morbic with serious cognitive disorder, sensory disorder and other disabilities involved sleeping disorder has changed her life due to the remarkable stem cell products such as IIQ Plus, Double Stem Cell and Snowphyl. T
o be a more confident and happy child when IIQ Plus helps her with unbelievable improvement in her studies, more focused with clarify, better eyesight and sleep better now. During this period of pandemic and more unpredictable diseases coming up, Double Stem Cell / Crystal Cell has increased and improved our immune system to protect us from Covid19. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Thank you to Phyto Science.

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