Review by Siju Stephen on OneCoin – OneLife

The crypto realm is now dominated by the speculates and traders across the globe and majority of projects based on block-chain are designed to meet the requirements of this market. One coin is very much different and unique more focusing on the usability of the currency rather to its speculative scope hence the people with speculative attitude won’t get the idea what One Coin is trying to communicate and materialise. The huge success One Coin has already received proved that the concept has scope and Dr. Ruja Ignatova is right. If some people sits in the room and write bad about a truth won’t make that truth a lie. They will only realise it when company goes public and they will be able to buy and sell the coins right away through exchanges. We can’t say they are wrong, because they have seen many ICOs that came and said a lot and gone without any meaning so we should allow them to wait until they get the chance to buy it from a public exchange.

One coin is becoming more big each day, and my question is how big are you in this once in life time opportunity?

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